Caring for Your Piano – Pt. 2

baby grand pianoIn our last post, we shared four tips for keeping your piano in optimum condition. Here are five more piano care tips to keep your piano in the best shape possible:

Cleaning Your Piano – Use a mild soap and damp cloth to clean your piano keys every few weeks. Be sure to dry them immediately. You can clean the outer part of your piano with a normal household cleaner, as long as you don’t use aerosols, chemicals, silicon, or solvents. An all-natural cleaner works best. Hire a professional to dust the inside of your piano to avoid messing up the inner workings of the instrument.

Find a Technician – Find a good technician to care for your piano, like the experienced piano repair technicians at our music store in Boston.

Regular Tuning – Your piano needs to be tuned frequently in the first year you own it, but an older piano can be tuned annually. It is important to schedule regular piano tuning to keep your instrument and shape and ensure that it always sounds its best.

Consider Voicing – Voicing is simply the adjustment of tone and your piano’s sound quality. You can adjust this to be soft, brittle, or robust depending on your preference. If the tone varies wildly between notes, you are unable to softly, or you notice changes in tone, you may need voicing.

Regulation – Regulation involves adjusting or replacing worn out or warped parts. If you just had your piano tuned and it still doesn’t sound right, or your keys are sticking, you may need regulation services.

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