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XK1 Haamond Keyboard

Hammond XK1 61-Key Modeling Organ

This pro keyboard is powered by the advanced VASE III digital tonewheel generator.

The XK-1 utilizes many of the outstanding sounds and features found in Hammond's famous XK-3 keyboard.

A  lightweight cabinet with 8 extra voice sounds such as electric piano, and real Hammond drawbars make the XK-1 a great buy in its product class.

Features - Sound generator: 2 x VASE III as digital tone wheel.

Keyboard: 61-note waterfall-type keys with velocity.

Display: 20 characters, 2 lines with 9 control switches and rotary encoder.

MIDI: Templates: 3 modes zoned 3 parts and keyboard ch.

Connections: AC inlet, MIDI in 1, in 2, out, expression pedal (phone jack), foot switch, line out L/R, headphones, 8-pin Leslie

Dimensions (W x D x H): 45-5/8 x 13-1/8 x 4-3/8 in. - Weight: 33 lbs

Extra voice: 8 instruments Harmonic drawbars:  1-set: 9 adjustable pitches, Drawbar select: tabs upper, lower, pedal

.Waveform: B-type, mellow, brite (upper and lower), muted, normal, synth (pedal)

Percussion: - Tabs: second on, third on, fast decay, soft.

Adjustable: touch, velocity, decay (fast, slow), level (soft, normal).

Tuning: - Master: 430 ~ 450 (1 Hz steps).

Transpose: -6 ~ 0 ~ +6

Effects: Internal Leslie: on, fast, brake, digital 2 rotors

Vibrato and chorus: V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3, upper & lower on/off, speed: 5 (6.10 Hz ~ 7.25 Hz)

Overdrive: digital overdrive - Equalizer: 3 bands - Reverb: 10 programs - Sustain: 5 lengths (pedal) Internal zone: - Tabs: split, manual bass

Adjustable: map low, high, split point, lower octave, pedal top key

Combination preset: - 12 banks x 11 numbers + adjust

Switchable: link/independent Controllers: - Switches: power on/off - Rotary controllers: master volume, overdrive, tone

Wheels: pitch bend, modulation

Power Supply: AC Power Cord (Included)

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clarinet clarinet 2 clarinet 3

A late 1960s E-13 Buffet Crampon Bb clarinet in excellent condition (serial number 184894)
With nickel plated keys with very little wear.
The wood (grenadiila) has no cracks or repairs.
A highly prized clarinet made in Paris France during the finest period in the makers history.(1960"s to 1970"s) making it far superior in materials and workmanship compared to clarinets of this brand being made today.
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