Hammond XK1 61-Key Modeling Organ

Hammond XK1 61-Key Modeling Organ

This pro keyboard is powered by the advanced VASE III digital tonewheel generator.

The XK-1 utilizes many of the outstanding sounds and features found in Hammond’s famous XK-3 keyboard.

A lightweight cabinet with 8 extra voice sounds such as electric piano, and real Hammond drawbars make the XK-1 a great buy in its product class.

Features: Sound generator: 2 x VASE III as digital tone wheel.

Keyboard: 61-note waterfall-type keys with velocity.

Display: 20 characters, 2 lines with 9 control switches and rotary encoder.

MIDI: Templates- 3 modes zoned 3 parts and keyboard ch.

Connections: AC inlet, MIDI in 1, in 2, out, expression pedal (phone jack), foot switch, line out L/R, headphones, 8-pin Leslie

Dimensions (W x D x H): 45-5/8 x 13-1/8 x 4-3/8 in. – Weight: 33 lbs

Extra voice: 8 instruments Harmonic drawbars:  1-set: 9 adjustable pitches, Drawbar select: tabs upper, lower, pedal

Waveform: B-type, mellow, brite (upper and lower), muted, normal, synth (pedal)

Percussion: – Tabs: second on, third on, fast decay, soft.

Adjustable: touch, velocity, decay (fast, slow), level (soft, normal).

Tuning: – Master: 430 ~ 450 (1 Hz steps).

Transpose: -6 ~ 0 ~ +6

Effects: Internal Leslie: on, fast, brake, digital 2 rotors

Vibrato and chorus: V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3, upper & lower on/off, speed: 5 (6.10 Hz ~ 7.25 Hz)

Overdrive: digital overdrive – Equalizer: 3 bands – Reverb: 10 programs – Sustain: 5 lengths (pedal) Internal zone: – Tabs: split, manual bass

Adjustable: map low, high, split point, lower octave, pedal top key

Combination preset: – 12 banks x 11 numbers + adjust

Switchable: link/independent


  • Switches: power on/off
  • Rotary controllers: master volume, overdrive, tone
  • Wheels: pitch bend, modulation

Power Supply: AC Power Cord (Included)