Protect Your Guitar from Summer Heat Damage – Pt. 2

beautiful woman posing with acoustic guitar in the woodsIn our last post, we discussed how heat and sunlight can damage your guitar and how to prevent ruining your delicate instrument. In this post, we’ll discuss two more ways you can protect your guitar from heat damage and other environmental factors in the summer.

Wipe it Down

Human sweat can damage the finish on your guitar and destroy the neck, frets, and bridges. When you’re playing the summer, you tend to sweat more, so make sure you wipe down your guitar thoroughly after playing.


Humidity, both low and high, is the guitar’s worst enemy. Depending on what type of guitar you have, you will need to make adjustments.  Low humidity combined with heat creates the worst conditions possible for any guitar, but especially your acoustic. The guitar can crack, warp, and even fracture in long periods of dryness. To humidify your guitar case, put a wet sponge in a plastic bag and poke some holes in it and place in the case with the holes facing up. Dampen the sponge regularly.

Solid-body guitars are not a fan of high humidity, which can cause them to swell. This swelling can damage the glue joints and alter the tone of the instrument. Keep silica gel packets in your guitar case if you are bringing it someplace humid.

The best solution for summer heat damage is to keep your guitar in a climate controlled area as much as possible. The experts at Main Street Music, LLC can repair your guitars in Boston, MA, when they become damaged. Contact us today.