The Benefits of Instrument Rental

flute playerPurchasing a new instrument is a significant financial commitment, and it may be a commitment you are not ready to make. Whether you are just starting out as a musician, or you only need the instrument for a short while, sometimes making a purchase right away is not ideal. Instrument rentals may be the right option for you.

Try Before You Buy

Whether you are an advanced musician looking to pick up another instrument, or a beginner looking for your first instrument, it doesn’t always pay to buy a brand new instrument. Renting an instrument allows you to try it before you buy it. If you don’t like the instrument you selected, you can return your rental and try a different one without breaking the bank.

Special Occasions

If you only need the instrument for a short time, whether it be a gig or special occasions like a wedding or private party, it makes more sense to choose a rental. If you don’t plan on keeping an instrument for the long-term, you can always rent the instrument at a much lower cost than purchasing it new.

School Bands

When your child enrolls in the school band or orchestra, it can be challenging to pay for the instrument. You don’t even know if your child will enjoy band, so you don’t necessarily want to waste money on a new instrument. Renting the instrument allows parents to save a lot of money, and if your child really enjoys band and sticks with it, you can always purchase an instrument at a later time.

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