The Benefits of Tuning Your Piano Regularly

piano tuning walthamTuning a piano can be a tedious process, but it is necessary for keeping your piano in optimal condition. Your instrument’s value depends on its condition, so you need to keep it in good shape in case you ever need to sell. If you play frequently, keeping your piano in tune also ensures that you can get beautiful sound-quality every time.

Preventing Damage

Pianos are incredibly complex and delicate instruments. If one part is not in optimal condition, the quality of the instrument suffers. Regular piano tuning is needed to ensure that the strings maintain the correct tension at all times. The tension of the strings affects other delicate parts of the piano, and incorrect (or lack of) tuning can lead to expensive repairs.

The More You Tune, the Less You Need to Tune

Regular tunings mean that you will have to tune your piano less over time. This depends on the quality and health of your piano as well as the climate of your piano room. As a general rule of thumb, new pianos require two to four tunings in their first year, and at least 2 in their second year. Older, well-kept pianos can be tuned once a year.

A Professional Can Spot Issues

When you hire a professional for piano tuning, they can spot issues that you may miss. A piano tuner who is trained in piano maintenance can detect a small problem before it results in significant damage. Schedule regular piano tuning in Waltham with Main Street Music Boston, and our team will ensure that your instrument keeps performing at its best.