Warning Signs that Your Piano Needs Repair – Pt. 2

grand piano in a beautiful white room with large windowIn our last post, we discussed how tinny sounds, soft keys, and continuously falling out of tune could be your piano’s way of saying that it is in need of repairs. In this post, we’ll show you three more warning signs to look out for.

Pedals Losing Tension

Healthy pianos have tension when you push down on them. To sustain notes, or quiet your piano, you need to make sure these three pedals have the right amount of tension. If you notice that the pedals have lost their effectiveness, it is time to get your piano repaired.

Wobbly Legs and Wheels

If your piano legs or wheels are wobbling, you need to get your piano repaired as soon as possible. You cannot risk having your piano falling apart while you are playing. A qualified piano repair person can make the legs steady again so you can get back to practice.

Cosmetic Damage

Pianos can undergo cosmetic damage over the years, from scratches and nicks to broken pieces. If your piano no longer looks as beautiful as it did when you purchased it, you may want to get the cosmetic damages repaired.

When your piano is damaged and no longer plays as beautifully as it should, contact Main Street Music for instrument repair in Boston.