Main Street Music carries a full  line of accessories including those for:

1.Keyboard instruments: (organs, pianos, digital and acoustic, and keyboards).  benches, lamps, covers, systems for controlling humidity,   metronomes, casters, cleaning products, pedals, ac adapters,  headphones and cables from makers such as Casio, Roland, Korg, Nord, SteinwayYamaha, Kawai, etc.

2. Stringed instruments:  guitar, both acoustic and electric, violin, ukulele, cello, mandolin such as strings, capos, pegs, saddles, bridges winders, tuners, straps, picks, cables, gig bags, cases, rosin, polish, cleaners, metronomes, etc.

From a number of manufacturers such as Dunlap, Ernie Ball,  Elixer, Martin, Fender, Red Label, Becker, D"Addario. Black Diamond, the list goes on.

3.Wind and brass instruments: saxophone (all sizes) clarinet, trumpet, oboe, bassoon, etc. such as reeds, ligatures, valve oil, cork grease,  mouthpieces, lyres (for holding sheet music), cleaning supplies,  straps, harnesses, etc.

4. Percussion: drumsticks, brushes, covers, drum heads, cowbells, tambourines, bongos,  maracas,  practice pads, hardware, thrones, cymbals, drum keys, tuners, cleaning products, silencing pads, pedals, bags,  cases, world instrument, etc..

If we do not have it we can order it!