Benefits of Playing Piano

May 18, 2023
Close up of hands on piano keys, Main Street Music LLC Q1 2023 Blog pic

It’s never too late to start playing the piano!

Whether you’re looking to become a concert pianist performing the great works of Bach and Beethoven or are just hoping to play and sing your favorite Billy Joel songs, playing the piano is one of the greatest and most fun, creative hobbies that you can partake in. But there are so many other benefits to playing piano that isn’t just musical! The benefits are so good that people who play piano are proven to live more positive lives than those who do not.

Look at just a few of the benefits of playing piano: 

  • Sharpens Intellect. Learning and practicing piano can develop different parts of the brain, sharpening your intellect in ways beyond just musical. It is proven to improve your memory and concentration, increase spatial-temporal ability and neuroplasticity, and much more. Historically, children who learn piano have performed higher on tests and have better school performance than students who do not play. These skills will improve your life in almost every
  • Improves Physical Health. Though the piano is played sitting down, there is still a substantial physical aspect of playing the piano that is great for your physical health. Specifically, it can sharpen fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and strengthen your arm and hand muscles. Music is also proven to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure and even lower your chances of cardiac arrest!
  • Develops Aural Skills. Learning any musical instrument can build your overall aural skills, helping you recognize tones, keys, intervals, dissonance, and your general sense of pitch. While this may seem like these skills apply to your musical skills, they can also help your understanding of languages. The same aural skills you use to acutely listen to music, you also use to recognize sound patterns in languages, fight dyslexia, and even tune out background noise when you’re trying to focus on a single sound.
  • Reduces Stress. Playing piano is a great way to reduce stress since its “escapist” quality can allow you to focus on something positive and “forget” about the everyday anxieties and stresses you may be carrying. Studies show that playing piano can calm the mind, reduce anxiety and loneliness, and increase confidence and self-esteem.
  • Slows Research studies show that students in piano lessons have increased levels of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which can help regulate your body composition, muscle and bone growth, metabolism, and even your heart function. It is especially beneficial for older students since it can slow the aging process: HGH can help keep energy levels up and reduce any body pains you may experience.

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